Effective home cleaning hacks you should try this weekend!

by | March 15, 2019

Keeping a clean, tidy and fresh house is of importance for a lot of home owners in Auckland. At Clean Planet, we not only use Eco-friendly and Environmental Choice certified products; we also have a lot of cleaning tips to make the homes shiny and sparkling, just like when you first moved in.

Thanks to all the natural ingredients such as lemon & lime juice, vinegar and baking soda in the kitchen, the family members’ health is protected therefore we can avoid as much as possible the toxic chemicals from the modern cleaning industry nowadays.

We have collected some of the tips that home cleaners at Clean Planet NZ use to share with you! Enjoy the fresh touch, especially from the home grown lemons.


1- Lemonize your microwave

lemon and cleaning hacks

With using the microwave regularly, it become tainted with food smell.  This can be cleaned with lemons or vinegar by simply squeezing juice from the lemon, mix it with water and place in microwave for five minutes. When it finishes, wipe clean, and enjoy the fresh smell.


2- Deodorise your kitchen drain/ kitchen sink

After a week of home cooking you want to deodorise your kitchen drain or kitchen sink, the fastest way is to use vinegar or lemon. Pour into the drain and leave it for ten minutes then flush with the water. This will leave your kitchen smelling fresh.

The same method can be applied to the kitchen bins. Squeeze the lemon in and leave it at least ten minutes before washing them again with water.


3- Remove the limescale from your shower head

This is commonly found in the household. You should do this every three to six months and it will help your shower head run smoothly. Simply putting vinegar around the shower head, tying with your shower cap or with a bathroom bag over night. The next morning, un-tie and enjoy the warm shower running smoothly from your shower head.

cleaning hacks for your bathroom


4- Removing red wine stain from carpet

Removing the stain from the carpet.

Hosting a party at home for your family and friends? That’s great. However, our team often find that your guests might have spilled their drinks/ red wine on the carpet. When it happens, make sure you use the available materials in the kitchen such as vinegar + water (half each) to remove the stain. The sooner you do it, the better. Just spray on the surface and wipe it with the cloth.

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Apart from these organic cleaning tips, our team at Clean Planet also use our own range of Eco-friendly, Environment Choice and Sensitive Choice products, keeping the place smell fresh and free of toxic chemicals. Learn more about our products.