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by | December 24, 2017

House Cleaning in Auckland

We all want to come home to a healthy, tidy and gleaming home, yet for many of us, it is usually when we get home that the chore of cleaning our homes begins… 

At Clean Planet, we understand that your time is precious.  Spending time with family, friends or on your own personal pursuits is where you want to invest your time.  

Our job at Clean Planet is to free up your time, increasing your time for enjoyment and relaxation.  Whilst you are away from home, our team make it sparkle, ensuring it is spotless when you return to your haven.

At Clean Planet we are committed to protecting the planet and ensuring that our impact on the environment is a positive one.  You can rest assured that no harmful chemicals and toxins are used – leaving you confident that your family are healthier in their home.  With our own little bit of magic, we created our own secret cleaning solutions, and such is their credibility, they have been certified by Environmental Choice, for showing strong proof of environmental performance.


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Why Clean Planet?

We believe in creating healthier homes and workplaces. Healthy homes are happier and less stressful, and healthy workplaces are more productive.

We want to help our clients improve the health of their home or work environment, reduce family and staff sick days and improve their wellbeing and business bottom line.

Sustainability Actions: We’re the first and only commercial and domestic cleaning company New Zealand’s Asthma Foundation has approved as a Sensitive Choice partner.

We’re come up with our own locally formulated and manufactured range of health-focused, environmentally kinder products. And we’ve fine-tuned all our cleaning processes to improve indoor air quality and create a healthier work environment. We’re ethical and we’re committed to quality.

We deliver healthier, environmentally kinder workplaces for our clients and a superior quality clean.


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Make a Sensitive Choice of products for your home!


Sensitive Choice is a community service program created by the National Asthma Council Australia for all of us who want to breathe purer, cleaner, fresher air and reduce asthma and allergic reactions.

The program is of particular value to the millions of Australians and New Zealanders with asthma and the one in three of us who have allergies.









While the Sensitive Choice program and the products we approve do not claim to offer cures or treatment for such conditions, we conscientiously strive to help cleanse and purify the personal environments in which we all live and breathe.

To help you identify asthma and allergy-aware products, community-conscious companies use the Sensitive Choice symbol on their packaging. You’ll find that reassuring blue butterfly on hundreds of products – from bedding to building products, from cleaning agents to carpets, from air purifiers and vacuum cleaners to the paint you put on your walls.

This is the way we live. We breathe in. We breathe out. Every day. Doesn’t it make sense to make every breath the best it can be? Make a Sensitive Choice.